Hi, I’m Laure!

Choosing to invest in your own business can change your life.

Why I love working as a Scentsy Independent Consultant

I have met so many incredible people. Both fellow consultants and customers. Choosing to invest in my own business has changed my life. I’m able to create my own schedule, make extra income, and stay home with our kids.

Becoming a successful consultant has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It has encouraged me to have conversations I wouldn’t otherwise have, and has helped me grow as a person.

I’m able to mentor and help other women grow their own Scentsy businesses, and sell the products I love and use every day with my family.


My top 4 favourite Scentsy products

We’ve struggled looking for a way to freshen up our workout gear. These are the answer. We use them on everything; Bed sheets, workout gear, towels, clothes, blankets!

I’ve never enjoyed the smell of bleach or commercial cleaners. The counter cleaner is incredible and has an awesome smell. I use it on absolutely everything.

We have one in every bedroom. We use different oil blends when anyone is sick. The shades are stunning and adds a great show piece to each room. They last up to 8 hours, which is a huge advantage for using them overnight.

The reason I joined the Scentsy family! The kids’ rooms smell amazing day after day, they wake up smelling like whatever scent we’ve put in the Buddy – having cuddled with them all night. Well made, adorable and unique.